We help you grow

MRA Marketing specialises in providing award-winning strategic marketing solutions to the construction, building materials and home improvement industries.

As a leading, full service construction marketing agency, we have the skills and the expertise in-house to help you achieve success.

Effective PR and marketing is one of the most powerful tools available to your business and by utilising those tools in the right way,  MRA Marketing can help your business grow and stand out from the crowd.

Most importantly, effective marketing needs to be integrated and synchronised and that’s why we have a story first approach.

By starting first with your story, we then decide how best to tell it. Whether that be through strategic PR, digital marketing, social media, memorable images or video, or, more often than not, a powerful mix of all our storytelling tools, we can help customers engage more with your company and your messages.

MRA Marketing has considerable experience in helping companies within the construction industry reposition, build or revitalise their brand, engage and influence markets, or, even create new ones, and grow their businesses.

Our strategies and plans are based on market realities and we have a proven track record of turning research into effective and innovative marketing solutions.

To find how we can help your company grow, call us on 01453 521621 or email  grow@mra-marketing.com.


How can we help you?


We focus on results and commit to building awareness, reputation and positioning, as well as growing sales, numbers of customers, and market share.

Marketing, digital and PR

We are a full-service construction marketing agency. We don’t subcontract digital, video, creative or graphic design work to other agencies. We have our own specialist in-house teams, so we can combine creative flair with industry expertise.


Research and insights


One of the big advantages of working with MRA Marketing is the fact that we have a sister agency, MRA Research, for fact-based marketing solutions based on quality research and expert analysis.

Creative, design and video

MRA Marketing’s in-house creative and digital teams have an established track record for creating distinctive, compelling concepts for print, online and in video. We combine an in-depth knowledge of the home improvement and construction sectors with our story-first approach, with well-written copy, clever concepts, exceptional design and innovative video to create campaigns that get results.


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