25 Apr 2017

Senior PR Account Manager – Full Time

PR Account Managers keep each customer’s PR & Marketing programme on track. You will manage 3-5 customers’ programmes of varying sizes and complexity and keep all of them moving.

The job is demanding but very satisfying and good PR Account Managers get rave reviews from customers and learn a lot – in detailed practical and high level skills. Career progression can be swift and rewarding. We give you the support to make it happen.

Partnering with Creative Campaign Planners, PR Account Managers lead the two person teams that deliver these results. Supported by professional writers, creative designers and others they draw on their knowledge and expertise, and on MRA’s knowledge and resources. They make sure things happen when they should and we hit deadlines.

Being organised, managing a number of projects, and project elements, in parallel, and managing people is essential. Together with the team partners, the Creative Campaign Planners, PR Account Managers ‘own’ and ‘drive’ their accounts. They multi-task, looking ahead to see what is coming, and making sure everything comes together on time.

PR Account Managers do not operate in silos, and they’re on a fast learning curve because there is a lot to learn. We know our markets, and we help you know them too. Recognition starts with how quickly customer CEOs and MDs listen to them and respect what they say.

Some agencies may ask people to write press releases and nothing else. Our PR Account Managers write press releases, and some articles and we show them how. We expect Account Managers to get to know their customers’ markets and their customers and what they need to say. Not everyone is excellent at writing, so we train them in the basics, and we do have professional writers, but the most important part of writing is knowing what needs saying and saying it simply and clearly.

Working as a team, PR Account Managers and Creative Campaign Planners spec out and brief the creative and digital people and tap into our knowledge of markets and marketing, strategy and insights to drive customer programmes.
Whatever else you are you will have a strong interest in marketing and a commitment to deadlines and good communication. Good marketers are good organisers and managers of people and projects.

Senior PR Account Manager – Full Time

Salary: Negotiable based on ability and experience

2+ years B2B PR, digital, marcoms agency experience is required
Good understanding and love of PR & marketing
Ability to propose and develop customer campaigns & marketing strategy
Bring new ideas to the table and spot new opportunities for MRA and customers
Opportunity to help prepare & attend pitches
Opportunity to mentor PR Account Managers or Assistants – leading to a management role if desired.
How to apply:

Please send your CV with accompanying letter to kirsty@mra-marketing.com


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