Tommy Trinder – Framepoint Technology®

There is more choice of windows than ever before with timber, aluminium and PVC frames all sold in a range of colours and styles. Selling this extensive range is the job of windows installers, but many don’t enjoy selling and struggle to present all the different options to homeowners.

To make it easier for installers, Tommy Trinder introduced Framepoint Technology®. The innovative software transforms a finger-sketch into a window and makes the whole selling process quick, simple and professional.  MRA Marketing was asked to launch Framepoint to the trade.

The launch began in February 2020. Take-up was good and almost 100% of installers who saw a demo signed up as a subscriber. Then Covid hit and the strategy evolved.

MRA devised a remote selling kit using appointment scheduling software, screen sharing tools and Framepoint to help installers sell to customers remotely. MRA supported the kit’s rollout with a remote selling guide for installers, which was featured in articles, on social media and the Tommy Trinder website.

As a result of the integrated campaign, which also included direct emails and video content, almost 200 subscribers signed up in the first three months (against a target of 300 for the whole year).


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