Imperial Bricks 50 Shades of Clay

Imperial Bricks is the leading supplier of traditional handmade, waterstruck, wirecut and pressed bricks in the UK. In a sector already saturated with well-established companies, Imperial wanted to be recognised as the authority on handmade bricks, opening more doors for its products with builders’ merchants, architects and specifiers, housebuilders and developers and self-builders.

Imperial briefed MRA, who developed and executed a creative marketing programme to position the company as the leading expert for traditional handmade bricks, highlighting the importance of handmade bricks (previously seen as a niche product) and showcasing Imperial as a company with the widest range in the sector.

The programme was built around a 50 Shades of Clay strapline – a playful and memorable reference to generate awareness of the breadth of Imperial’s range of handmade, wirecut and pressed bricks. The advert’s fresh, tongue-in-cheek approach resonated with Imperial’s sales staff, and received positive feedback from customers, the media and it’s readers. The theme was reinforced in press releases, articles, social media, digital marketing and on the company website.

50 Shades of Clay generated significant results for Imperial Bricks including numerous sales leads, 230 press appearances, a 64% increase in engagement on Twitter, a 25% increase in merchant sales and a 33% increase in annual turnover.


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