IG Lintels Spanning Suburbia 

IG Lintels had established a great reputation for its lightweight, energy efficient steel lintels in the builders’ merchants sector, but the company was keen to raise awareness of its industry-leading products among architects and specifiers, which called for a very different approach.

We were asked to devise and execute a campaign to do just that. The result was Spanning Suburbia, an eye-catching campaign built around a design competition run in partnership with highly regarded publication, the RIBA Journal.

The competition asked architects for their vision of 21st century suburbia, incorporating the creative use of steel lintels in the design. Thermal comfort and efficiency had to be key considerations, as did showing how the building would meet the needs of contemporary homeowners.

Download the full case study here.

We promoted Spanning Suburbia using advertising, social media, targeted marketing to RIBA Journal members, and microsites on both the RIBA Journal and IG Lintels websites. A supporting PR campaign featured articles on the challenges facing suburban architecture.

The competition was a success, attracting 46 high quality entries from professional architects, which were showcased in a 12-page supplement in RIBA Journal. Most importantly, Spanning Suburbia put the IG Lintels brand and its products on the map with architects and specifiers.


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