Freefoam #HelpingCustomersGrow

Freefoam is an independent manufacturer of PVC-U(E) roofline, rainwater and cladding products, sold via independent stockists and merchants.

Freefoam’s routes to market were being squeezed by a few vertically integrated manufacturers, who account for 50% of the market by selling to stockists while competing with them via their own stockists and trade counters.

With independent stockists increasingly being acquired by competitors, Freefoam consulted MRA Marketing to review its strategy. MRA devised a new approach to help Freefoam grow organically by supplying the products and service to help customers sell more.

The strategy included a campaign for independent stockists, roofline installers and housebuilders called #HelpingCustomersGrow, designed to demonstrate the Freefoam difference and how working closely as a total supply chain helps stockists and installers grow.

The fully integrated and synchronised campaign includes articles, interviews and features, print and online advertising, social media, customer testimonial videos, ‘fireside chat’ videos with key Freefoam people and customer newsletters, all backed up with direct selling.

#HelpingCustomersGrow has generated over 200 sign ups to Freefoam’s registered installer scheme, 30% increase in year-on-year sales and major uplifts in website visits (+22%), social media following (+34%) and engagement (+16%). Searches for ‘Find a Freefoam stockist’ increased by 78%.


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