Deceuninck – Passionate about Colour

Window system company Deceuninck spotted an opportunity in the market to champion and deliver colour profiles, targeting homeowners over 50 who are mortgage-light or free with substantial savings.

However, colour profiles weren’t seen as a good selling opportunity in the trade. Based on past experiences with other stockists, fabricators and installers thought supplies were unreliable and the lead times too long, and they didn’t think there was demand for them. After investing in a significant stock holding, Deceuninck appointed MRA to change industry minds about colour windows.

MRA devised and executed an integrated, long-term campaign targeting fabricators and installers. The strategy started with high frequency press releases and advertising to establish Deceuninck’s brand, its credentials and its offer, which later switched to more thought leadership articles and strategic press releases to reinforce the Deceuninck story. This was supported by direct marketing and social media incorporating memorable hashtags, #ColourEnabled, #ColourInStock and #BestInClass.

MRA got the market to think colour and, as a result, Deceuninck has won new customers, increased sales by £3.6m, and its top 20 fabricators are now selling over 55% colour, achieving sales growth in a market which was previously down. The company’s colour sales are now 62% v the market average of 25-28%.

Download the full case study here


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