CPA – Better Data, Safer Building

Following the Grenfell fire, the ‘Building A Safer Future’ report, published by Dame Judith Hackitt identified a number of issues which contributed to the tragedy. The Construction Products Association (CPA) was tasked by Hackitt and the Government with tackling the shortcomings identified in Chapter 7 of the report relating to product information, specifically addressing the way information is presented and marketed by manufacturers.

In response, the CPA developed a new voluntary Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI) following a consultation period with the industry. The aim of the new Code is to improve the availability, accessibility and reliability of product data.

MRA was tasked with delivering a fully integrated marketing campaign to encourage construction industry participation in a consultation on the CCPI. With only two months to gather feedback, MRA created a high profile, cross-channel awareness campaign with its own logo and name: Building Safely; a new tagline: Better Data, Safer Building, and a campaign website.

To garner trade media support, a press release explaining the Code and the consultation was issued, followed by thought leadership articles, comments, letters and blogs. A period of intensive PR, social media, webinars and direct marketing rapidly built awareness and understanding.

The campaign achieved more than 50 press appearances for the launch release, generated over 15,000 visits to the website and 500+ downloads of the Code. Thirty five trade associations responded to the consultation, collectively representing around 40,000 UK member firms.

With in-depth responses gathered from individuals and organisations representing a bulk of the construction industry, the CPA could review and finalise the new Code with confidence before transferring it to Construction Product Information Ltd (CPI Ltd) – a not-for-profit organisation with independent governance and management set-up to administer the CCPI. The industry can stay abreast of the Code and all developments at

Read the full press release here

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