Garanlex #AluminiumButNotAsYouKnowIt

While timber and PVC windows have evolved over the past 30-40 years, the design of aluminium windows has hardly changed at all.

That is, until Garnalex entered the market. Founded in 2018, this disrupter brand wanted to shake up the windows industry with a completely reinvented aluminium range which was easy to fabricate, simple to install and a dream to sell.

We were tasked with helping Garnalex build awareness, change perceptions and reframe the issues around aluminium windows with new standards, expectations and yardsticks versus ‘that’s just the way it is in aluminium’.

MRA developed the campaign hashtag #AluminiumButNotAsYouKnowIt and a strategic PR programme would help build awareness and establish a customer base ahead of the official product launch.

Garnalex was due to launch Sheerline when the UK went into lockdown. Garnalex continued to invest and work on Prestige, its main system which launched in October 2020. The business also built an 85,000 ft2 assembly line, warehouse, and control centre; invested in an expanded fleet of forklift trucks ensuring maximum efficiency in factories, warehousing and logistics for better service levels and reliability and appointed a dedicated technical sales/technical support team.

Sheerline is completely new so Garnalex has an experienced, technical team who offer guidance, support in setting up and ongoing technical assistance and support. It completed a custom-build training centre and with social distancing restrictions in place during the pandemic, Garnalex changed its training model and also developed a comprehensive video suite to help customers learn to fabricate, install and sell. 

Garnalex has re-invented aluminium windows with investment in world-class manufacturing and integrated software and logistics to deliver high quality and short, reliable lead times. MRA’s work changed perceptions, generated huge interest, and positioned Garnalex as leading the aluminium debate.

Despite Covid-19 and lockdown, Garnalex achieved six large launch-partners fabricating and a queue of fabricators waiting to start. It also attracted trade extrusion sales supplying competing systems companies.

MRA’s work exceeded 250 press appearances (69% above target) and achieved 3,517 social media followers on Twitter and LinkedIn (76% above target).

Our strategy was to deliver a thought-provoking mix of PR, social media, direct mail, editor engagement and advertising. Activity on each channel complemented the next, with consistent messaging to help change perceptions and generate a buzz about Garnalex’s new aluminium offer.

We generated over 250+ press appearances, arranged 7 editor briefings at Garnalex’s new manufacturing facility and created a social following of 3,500+ people.

Despite launching its first range in lockdown, Garnalex secured six major launch partners and created a queue of fabricators waiting to start making its windows.


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