18 Aug 2016

New MD for MRA Marketing

In a move to consolidate the next growth period, Lucia Di Stazio has been appointed Managing Director of MRA Marketing.

“It’s a smart step for the business,” explains founder Mike Rigby, who becomes CEO and plans to maintain a daily presence in the business for the foreseeable future.

“We’ve come a long way in the 25 years since we began and have built a solid reputation in building materials, construction and home improvement markets. The business is continually evolving and moving forward so it’s timely that at this significant milestone, we put in place the foundations of a strong and sustainable future.”

Lucia has been with the business for 19 years, starting in MRA’s research arm and heading up the division. She has spearheaded MRA’s PR & Marketing operation for the last 10 years and brings a solid grounding in her new role. “She will be leading a strong and skilled team constantly looking to innovate and committed to delivering exceptional results for customers,” continues Mike. “Lucia’s considerable ability to react to market trends and convert insights and intelligence into proven brand-building strategies ensures MRA’s future growth is in excellent hands.”

“MRA is a true full service agency with a growing team and ambitious goals,” adds Lucia. “We attract and work with customers who share our appetite for growth. We’re entering an exciting phase and it’s one that I am extremely proud to lead.”

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