23 Jan 2019

New #DesignedForLife brochure for Lakes Showering Spaces

Just before Christmas our creative team worked closely with Lakes’ Showering Spaces to ensure its new and refreshed ‘Designed for Life’ brochure was ready for the New Year. The 150+ page brochure is a sequel to the first one we completed in September, and includes new lifestyle imagery, new bathroom sets and improved close-up product shots to strengthen key themes of Lakes strategic marketing programme.

MRA is helping Lakes lead the way by positioning the showering space at the front of mind for merchants, stockists, installers, and homeowners. Lakes’ Sales & Marketing Director Mike Tattam explains: “Our new brochure is very different from what it was and quite distinct from other brands. It’s proving to be a powerful selling tool, helping stockists, merchants and their installer customers stand out in a crowded market and with improved lifestyle targeting. Our plan is to keep developing the brochure to help our customers sell, and homeowners choose, the most appropriate showering space for their needs.

“The new direction of our brochure underpins our focus to make bathroom settings more representative of homeowners’ showering spaces and lifestyles. Markets are evolving and the opportunity for selling the right solution for the right lifestyles is huge,” concludes Mike.

If you’re looking for a strategic partner that understands your market and can help your business grow, call our Business Development Director Tom Rowland-Hill on 01453 521621. Download the new brochure here.


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