04 Aug 2022

MRA Vision’s August programme now live!

MRA Vision’s August programme is now available to watch.

In partnership with Builders’ Merchants News and sponsored by Marsh Industries, this month’s video views and perspectives programme from MRA Marketing includes (1) an expert round up of the numbers, the legislation and need, and why action on energy efficiency should be seen as a national emergency, (2) what it takes to grow a major builders’ merchant, (3) one manufacturer’s dedication to customer service and innovation and (4) the importance of good product data to merchants and the market.

It’s easy to lose sight of the sheer scale of the task for Government and opportunity for builders’ merchants in upgrading Britain’s housing stock. But Mike Beard, Merchant Development Director of Encon Insulation and Nevill Long does it brilliantly, explaining what the Government needs to do to improve the energy efficiency of Britain’s homes and how better insulated properties will support Net Zero targets.

Next, Shanker Patel, Chief Executive Officer of Lords Builders Merchants, who talks about the seemingly meteoric growth of Lords, the challenges it’s faced and how he sees merchants evolving over the next few years.

Then Derrick McFarland, Managing Director of Keystone Lintels, discusses Keystone’s fantastic dual commitment to customer service and product innovation, how Keystone helps merchants develop their own business.

Then Chris Hayward, Managing Director of NMBS, campaigns for the importance of good product data, explains what good product data looks like, and how the NMBS is helping merchants get the benefit from it.

Mike Rigby, CEO of MRA Marketing, says: “MRA Vision’s August programme, in partnership with Builders’ Merchants News and sponsored by Marsh Industries, covers some of the most important topics affecting the industry, from energy efficiency, to impressive growth, to customer service and innovation, and good product data. Each of our four leaders is blazing a trail for others to follow.”

MRA Vision’s monthly programme interviews leading figures about key topics and issues that are vital to the industry.

If your brand has something to say and you’d like to share your insights and views with MRA Vision, contact Karina Oxley at karina@mra-marketing.com to feature in MRA Vision.

See the latest MRA Vision programme on the Builders’ Merchants News website, the Marsh Industries website or visit MRA Vision at buildersmerchantsnews.mra-vision.co.uk. Follow it across MRA Marketing’s social media channels.


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