01 Jul 2022

Breaking the glass ceiling and other stories in MRA Vision’s July programme

The July programme of MRA Vision is now live and available to watch. MRA Vision is a video views and perspectives programme from MRA Marketing featuring industry insights from industry experts.

Sponsored by Marsh Industries and in partnership with Builders’ Merchants News, July’s programme leads with Krystal Williams, Managing Director of Pavestone UK, who talks about her journey as a woman in a senior position in the construction industry. She also shares her tips on breaking through the glass ceiling.

Then Mark Esling, Jewson’s Business Development Director, explains the positive impact that Jewson is making in the industry through its charity initiatives and support of organisations, such as Band of Builders.

Emile van der Ryst of GfK and BMBI outlines his thinking on the market and on the expectations and prospects for merchants and the industry as a whole.

Lastly, we conclude Andy Scothern’s series of interviews on digitalisation. The Managing Director of eCommonSense says it’s important and urgent and companies could become irrelevant to the industry if they don’t digitalise.

Phil Boyland, Managing Director (Designate) at MRA Marketing says: “The July programme of MRA Vision, in partnership with Builders’ Merchants News and sponsor Marsh Industries, covers some of the most important issues and topics today. From updates on the market to breaking the glass ceiling for women, its full of engaging insights from leading figures in our industry.”

MRA Vision talks to people and businesses at the heart of the industry about key topics and issues that are important to the sector.

If you would like to share your insights and views with MRA Vision, then contact Karina Oxley at karina@mra-marketing.com to feature in an upcoming programme.

See the latest MRA Vision programme on the Builders’ Merchants News website, the Marsh Industries website or visit MRA Vision at buildersmerchantsnews.mra-vision.co.uk. Follow it across MRA Marketing’s social media channels.


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