17 Mar 2022

MRA Marketing sponsors BMN Supplier of the Year Award

As a company which has worked with suppliers of all shapes and sizes for many years, we have seen first-hand the challenges they face and we tip our hats to those who have been able to adapt, thrive and even shine, particularly since Covid.

For the past two decades, the pendulum has swung from local to global sourcing. Increasingly, manufacturers stopped making locally and switched to lowest cost sourcing (often in the far east) and getting products delivered ‘just in time’ with minimum stockholding.

It was a seductive and rewarding concept where there was a big gap between the cost of manufacturing here and overseas. However, the concept relied on a world of low cost shipping containers, low fuel costs, ample shipping capacity, reliability in the supply chain and a plentiful supply of HGV drivers and vehicles, not to mention the ability to turn a blind eye to climate change and the carbon miles generated.

But that consensus fell apart under Covid. Within weeks, the global market shut down. However, the problems really started when a synchronised world tried to buy at the same time and manufacturing capacity struggled to cope. Shipping capacity lagged, containers clogged up ports, shortages of HGV vehicles and drivers caused even more delays, and costs and lead times increased. The value pendulum started to swing away from just in time, high carbon and lowest price towards resilience, availability, low carbon and reliability.

Being able to continue delivering goods under this unprecedented pressure is testament to the calibre of suppliers in the UK and their resilience. Yet, some suppliers not only met these challenges, they excelled in their service to customers. In our book they are truly exceptional and deserving of the highest praise.

That’s why we sponsor the Supplier of the Year award.


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