13 Feb 2014

Marketing & Merchandising masterclass by Mike Rigby at BMF Branch Managers’ Forum

The Builders’ Merchant Federation has invited Mike Rigby to give a masterclass at its Coventry HQ on 30 April.

The Builders’ Merchant Federation (BMF) has invited MRA Marketing’s Mike Rigby to give a masterclass on marketing and merchandising at its first Branch Managers’ Forum. The two day conference, on 30 April and 1 May at BMF’s Coventry HQ, will help merchant Branch Managers develop and run their depots as efficiently and profitably as possible.

The full title of Mike’s masterclass is: How Marketing and Merchandising can transform your customer experience and your sales. “It’s a bit a mouthful,” Mike admits, “but it’s no exaggeration. Many people ignore the full potential of marketing and merchandising and just focus on the detail. Or they think you have to have big budgets to achieve big effects. But in my experience you just have to think big, and with a bit of help most people can do that.”

John Newcomb, BMF Managing Director, said: “The Branch Managers’ Forum is a hugely exciting new venture for the BMF. Branch Managers are the lynchpin of the industry and this is the first major forum designed specifically for them. We have lined up a fantastic range of speakers to stimulate new thinking across a wide range of activities and galvanise action when delegates return to their branches. Numbers are limited to just two Branch Managers from each BMF merchant member so we can spread the opportunity, and as many merchants as possible can learn from these masterclasses. I’d advise those who are interested to book up as soon as possible.”

MRA Marketing is a long standing BMF service member that specialises in helping companies grow fast and achieve stretching goals in building and construction markets. Mike spent 10 years in marketing with Dulux Paints before heading up Marketing for a national builders’ merchant. His company, MRA Marketing, is an award-winning full service marketing agency with over 20 years’ experience in helping companies of all sizes.

MRA was recently in the headlines with customer EH Smith for a project that won the BMN Marketing Award, and Strategic Planning & Management at the Construction Marketing Awards. Marketing and merchandising were at the heart of the project. Describing what it achieved, Mark Mallinder, EH Smith Marketing Director, said: “The business has seen a sustained 24% increase in small builder revenue giving us a growth map for the next 10 years.”

The conference will feature expert sessions on leadership, digital and social media, employment and training, as well as health and safety, and security. Masterclasses on products from plumbing to bricks and blocks will give Branch Managers the knowledge they need to boost sales and train staff effectively.

Champion rally driver, stunt driver and TV presenter Penny Mallory is the event’s keynote speaker, and will advise on what it takes to be a world-class performer.

BMF members should register now with Christine Harding on 02476 854982 or chris.harding@bmf.org.uk, or call June Upton on 02476 854980.

To find out how MRA Marketing can help you transform your performance contact Mike Rigby or Lucia Di Stazio on 01453 521621 or social@mra-marketing.com. For more on marketing read MRA’s Marketing Matters blog and follow @MRAMarketing.


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