14 Mar 2017

Gatic’s ports and airports brochure gets a refresh

Our creative team recently refreshed Gatic’s ports and airports brochure, updating the layout in line with Gatic’s new corporate look.

The brochure is a 16-page informative guide, designed to show architects and engineers the benefits of Gatic’s access covers and surface water drainage solutions for ports and airports.

Our talented design team chose a new striking image for the front cover, and added eye-catching green lines, which smartly mirror the rest of the Gatic suite. Inside the brochure are updated and enhanced images, along with a colour-coded key of symbols, to show where drains and covers are located in photos of previous Gatic projects. The general layout was also changed to allow for larger images, and the text was reformatted to fit more comfortably on the page.

The list of projects was updated too, to show Gatic’s growing list of installations in the UK and abroad. Gatic’s access cover and slotdrain systems have been used in many ports, airports and military bases around the world, from Las Vegas to Kuala Lumpur.

This refresh brings the ports and airports brochure up-to-date with the rest of its promotional materials, and showcases the scope and range of work that Gatic carries out in this sector.

To find out more about Gatic’s leading range of products and services, visit www.gatic.com.


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