09 Apr 2017

From concept to completion: creating a new ad campaign for Fibo

MRA’s creative team was recently tasked with designing a group of adverts aimed at the merchant and builders markets. Market-leading wall panel manufacturer, Fibo UK – a new client of MRA Marketing, has recently rebranded so it was a great opportunity to start with a blank sheet of paper and come up with some inspiring new concepts.

We focused on the USPs and the key messages that we wanted to promote, and created a selection of short descriptions and strong straplines, which summarised the benefits of Fibo products. These then formed the basis of the ad development.

Fibo wall panels are easy to install, thanks to their patented Aqualock ‘tongue-and-grove’ design, which allows them to fit together effortlessly and with little equipment. Fibo can also be fitted on top of existing tiling or stud partitioning and is a hygienic and low-maintenance alternative to traditional ceramic tiles.

The design of the Fibo logo is very much rooted in the Scandinavian notion of simplicity and precision, and is created using simple geometric elements. Taking this into account, MRA created an ad style which is relevant to UK audiences yet still echoes its Scandinavian origins.

Bathroom images were selected to include showers – emphasising Fibo’s superior waterproofing properties. Accessories are minimal to avoid distraction. The final ad concepts were created using triangles which dissect the wall panels, creating shapes that express the precision which is so key to the Fibo concept.

For more information on Fibo wall panels, call 01494 771 242. Visit www.fibo.co.uk and follow @Fibo_UK on Twitter.


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