17 Dec 2015

DW3 Products Group appoints MRA Marketing

DW3 Products Group has appointed MRA Marketing to represent it in the trade arena.

DW3 Products Group has appointed MRA Marketing to represent it in the trade arena. MRA started working with Solidor in September, and is now working with Residence 9, Window Widgets and Nice Door Panels, as well as developing an overall group strategy.

DW3 CEO Gareth Mobley says: “DW3 brands are leaders in their markets and are Premium or Super Premium. They lead in innovation, quality and design. We’ve seen excellent growth in recent years, and needed a partner whose creative strategies will enable that growth to continue for each brand individually, as well as for the group. That’s where MRA Marketing steps in.”

People say Residence 9 has transformed the high end PVC market. In a commodity PVC systems market, it demonstrated that when someone really wanted beautiful windows and doors, they will pay more to get them. Residence 9 continues to set new standards in looks, style, colour, performance, and presentation.

Window Widgets transformed the ancillary product market. Its products are designed to make window construction and installation safer and better.

Solidor is currently challenging the belief that all composite doors are very secure. It has already created a Premium sector out of the commodity composite door market.

MRA Marketing Managing Director Mike Rigby says: “Each brand in the DW3 group has a compelling story to tell. They are all high quality, innovative products that have transformed the industry in one way or another. Our full marketing programme will continue the transformation. It will drive growth for these and other DW3 brands while changing their markets. We’re in for a very exciting ride!”


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