14 Apr 2016

Creative ‘round-up’

Our talented in-house creative team has designed some brilliant concepts such as a fold-out door ad, a stylish sales brochure and even a Guinea pig ‘flyer’, flyer in more ways than one!

Solidor Direct Mail

This folding brochure advertises that fact that Solidor passed the new PAS24 ‘cut test door’, whereas its competitors failed. The quirky design features two images of ‘fail’ doors that open out, like double doors, to reveal the Solidor inside that says ‘pass’. The two failed doors have holes cut out of them to reflect the idea of the PAS24 ‘cut door test’.

MyBrand Brochure Refresh

The aim here was to redesign the existing MyBrand brochure’s layout, with the same content but to create a softer and more homely feel. This was achieved using images of an inviting family home, with a clean colour palette and warm tones. We also gave the images rounded edges to soften the general layout and create a more contemporary finish.

Guinea Pig Postcard

The message behind this design is to avoid using untested products, which is why we chose the Guinea pig and the strapline ‘Don’t be a Guinea pig test pilot’. The image of the Guinea pig with a pilot’s hat was then created for this informative ‘flyer’, which ties into the idea of a pilot. It now sits proudly on the MRA office wall as a feature poster.


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