18 Jan 2016

Brisant Secure’s strategy is moving mountains

Brisant Secure’s flagship cylinder door lock, Ultion, has changed perceptions of security in the door industry in the seven months since launch. Its success is astonishing.

Ultion was launched in the door industry in May 2015. It passes all security tests with ease. It even achieves the Master Locksmiths Association’s (MLA) ultimate ‘real life’ security standard – Sold Secure Diamond (SSD). The SSD test is designed to reflect real life. MLA locksmiths are asked to break the lock in any way they can with a choice of tools. They can spend as long as they want trying to break it. If it breaks, it fails. If it doesn’t, it passes.

Most cylinder locks being sold today don’t pass this test. And Brisant has recently released videos that show just how easily the most common locks on the market fail – some in as little as 9 seconds. So a burglar can snap the lock, remove it, be in your home, take your car keys in just 9 seconds! And then drive off in your car. And you wouldn’t hear a thing.

This is the story that shocked the door industry and it has changed perceptions of security so quickly. MRA Marketing is working with Brisant Secure to communicate this message through an integrated marketing and PR strategy, and it’s hit the ‘sweet spot’. Big name fabricators such as Solidor, Polyframe and KAT UK have committed to installing Ultion as standard starting January 2016.

Brisant CEO Steve Stewart says: “I’ve worked in hardware in the door and window industry since 1986 and for all that time hardware manufacturers have been aware of the security flaws in accreditations and in locks themselves. When we launched Ultion we launched real security, and I expected people to switch. What I didn’t expect was such a monumental shift in the industry in just 7 months of launch. It’s like the mountain is moving!”

MRA Marketing Managing Director Mike Rigby adds: “The industry had got used to selling doors with virtually no protection while dressed up with stars and badges, and accreditations that imply high security. It was a sham, and an open secret. Then along came Ultion. Like the story of the Emperor’s new clothes, the boy saw the Emperor was naked, and said so. Then everyone agreed he was naked! But even with a dynamic marketing strategy up my sleeve, I didn’t predict an uptake as swift as this, particularly in a market that is known to resist change.”

To find out how MRA can help you grow or change your market call Business Development Manager Tom Rigby on 01453 521621, email Tom Rigby tom@mra-marketing.com and follow @MRAMarketing.


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