06 Jun 2016

Brett commissions MRA for benchmarking

Brett Hard Landscaping, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of high quality aggregate and paving products, has commissioned MRA Marketing to undertake benchmarking research. The study follows on from previous research done by MRA in 2012 and 2014.

Lucia Di Stazio of MRA Marketing, who directed the research project says: “We’re delighted to work with Brett again. A benchmarking study provides an objective measure of performance from the viewpoint of customers. We looked at brand awareness, positioning, loyalty and the opportunity gap. As this study follows on from previous research we were also able to identify trends and changes in brands and the market – vital industry information for any company.”

To find out more about your market and your brand email Lucia Di Stazio at lucia@mra-marketing.com or call 01453 521621.


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