15 Sep 2014

Where’s your marketing permit?

MRA Marketing's Managing Director Mike Rigby says prospects are more likely to engage with your and your brand if it's on their own terms, which is what permission marketing is all about.

It was American author and entrepreneur Seth Godin who popularised the term ‘permission marketing’. According to Godin, ‘Permission marketing is the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them.’

The theory is that prospects are far more likely to engage with you and your brand if it’s on their terms. With opt-in now a legal requirement, it is customers who call the shots when it comes to choosing what they do and do not want to receive from marketers both on and offline.

So how do you engage with new customers using a permission based strategy? Engaging with a prospect for the first time is like going on a first date. There are rules and protocols to follow. At the first encounter you need to offer an attractive incentive.

One tactic of modern permission based marketing is the use of competitions. By filling out your coupon, handing you their business card on your stand at an exhibition, submitting their entry on your website, your prospects are giving you permission to engage with them.

Inviting people to receive your ezine or newsletter is another way to gain permission to engage with them. You’ll know when you’ve really hit success when customers complain if you haven’t sent them their latest edition!

So if you want to ‘turn strangers into friends and friends into customers’, maybe it’s time you found out what permission marketing could do for you and your business.

Want help with permission marketing? Comment below, tweet me, Mike Rigby on @wehelp_you_grow or contact 01453 521621 or social@mra-marketing.com.


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