07 Sep 2015

When life gives you lemons, you need a new strapline

In the second of our two-part blog, MRA Marketing’s Kate Woodford unpacks the secrets of great straplines and explains why investing in a good one could pay dividends to your business.

‘I was so impressed, I bought the company.’

Remington’s Victor Kiam knew a thing or two about a catchy phrase and about telling a story to sell his product. Straplines, taglines, slogans – whatever you call them, every business needs one. A strapline that neatly sums up what you are good at sets you apart, gives your brand personality and makes you hard to forget. The very best straplines are short and sweet, and ideally pack a punch with an irresistible offer or a dream promise.

So what does make the perfect strapline? Here are some more of our top tips.

Make it personal.

L’Oréal pitched it perfectly when they came up with their now iconic ‘Because you’re worth it’ strapline. They understand that women buy make-up to feel, as well as look beautiful.

Make it catchy.

Words and phrases that roll off the tongue (‘Grace, space, pace’. Jaguar), use the power of three (‘Buy it. Sell it. Love it.’ Ebay) and preferably can be turned into a catchy tune ‘Beanz meanz Heinz’), are always guaranteed to be successful.

Make it action-packed.

Calls to action make great straplines. Take Lego’s brilliantly inspiring ‘Play on’ or Sainsbury’s ‘Live well for less’. Action straplines have energy and pace and demand a reaction.

Make it mean something.

We’ve all had those ‘Ah Bisto!’ moments and Ridley Scot’s beautifully shot Hovis ad from 1973 pulled on our nostalgic heartstrings with its wonderfully evocative strapline: ‘As good today as it’s always been’ exuding all the warmth and charm of this much-loved brand. No wonder it was voted one of the best-loved adverts of all time.

Make it sound good.

As well as feasts for the eyes, the best advertising taps into all of our senses and none more so than those delicious sounding adverts from people like Schweppes. Remember those ‘Sssh…it’s from you know who’ ads followed by that unmistakeable fizz from the soda siphon? Or the life-saving ‘Plop, plop, fizz’ of Alka Seltzer when you’d over indulged on the good old G and Schweppes T.

Or you could just go for it.

‘Lipsmackin’ thirstquenchin’ acetastin’ motivatin’ goodbuzzin’ cooltalkin’ highwalkin’ fastlivin’ evergivin’ coolfizzin’ Pepsi.’ Breaks every rule in the book, but it’s a classic none-the-less.

So when it comes to debating whether you need a strapline or not, you could as the Italian clothes retailer Diesel would have it, ‘Be stupid’. But we prefer Sony’s ‘Make Believe’ because great straplines sell great businesses. Simples.

Want a new strapline? Need help to make your company stand out and grow? Talk to Tom Rigby on 01453 521621 or tom@mra-marketing.com


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