14 Oct 2014

Time to invest in a change of style or a marketing trim?

Remember, your markets and your competitors don’t hibernate, so neither should you, says Mike Rigby, Managing Director of MRA Marketing. If your marketing isn't working, it's time to think again.

It’s good discipline to regularly review your marketing. What’s working and what’s not? Are you dancing to your competitors’ tunes, or setting the pace for them and the market?

You might have some great individual campaigns but collectively they may be less than the sum of the parts. Or you might have some good ideas but you’ve never got round to implementing them. Perhaps it just feels a little flat creatively?

If the marketing mix isn’t right, or the balance between online and offline doesn’t work for your target audience, then it’s time to think again. Neglected, failing marketing can only take you to one place – a cold and harsh one.

Perhaps there are things you could cut altogether, or trim back on. Losing them could free up some budget for new initiatives and campaigns that could yield better results in the long-term.

Consider redoing that SWOT analysis because new opportunities are popping up all the time and you don’t want to miss them. There are new threats too. Get someone outside the team to contribute so you have the benefits of some objective independent insights. Include your competitors in the audit too, to see what the comparison tells you about your different strategies.

Getting a fresh pair of eyes to do a marketing communications audit can transform companies. Or do it yourself by gathering together everything your company has produced, from brochures and direct mail campaigns, press ads, PR and exhibitions to tweets and Facebook posts. Take a good long look. Are they saying the right things? To the right people? Do they look and feel the part? Are they integrated and synchronised for maximum oomph? Are they communicating your brand effectively and, most importantly, are they yielding the results and return you want? If not, then it’s time to get your marketing into shape.

Remember, your markets and your competitors don’t hibernate, so neither should you. Interviewed by Construction News recently, Assa Abloy’s David Wigglesworth reflected on the perennial nature of the construction market: “It never stands still and is always changing,” he said. “…the construction and specification industry is probably in one of the most exciting cycles of change for a number of years.”

So if the construction industry’s buzzing your marketing should be too. Time to get busy!

Do you agree or disagree, or just want help with your marketing? Comment below, tweet me, Mike Rigby on @wehelp_you_grow or email me at mike@mra-marketing.com.


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