13 Jun 2022

The true value of a strong brand

Someone mentioned to me the other day they'd never searched for their own name on LinkedIn, and it struck me that I hadn't either. I did it, and there are only two results. One of them appears inactive with only one connection. And one of them is me. So, I'm fairly easy to identify.

This got me thinking about branding of all things. I often find myself searching for a company when researching them for work – assessing their own social media presence and activity, seeing how engaged their team is and generally assessing their marketing activity.

When considering the number of company pages there are on LinkedIn, it’s really important that branding is on point – having an easily identifiable logo, even on a thumbnail, can make a real difference to the chances of someone stopping and taking a second look when scrolling through their feed. A strong headline and eye-catching images are important too, but that instant brand recognition is incredibly important.


Always Coca-Cola

I was also reminded of another post I saw on branding recently about the original brief for the design of the Coca-Cola bottle. Copycat drink makers in the early 20th century were using similar names and scripts and as bottles were often sold from ice buckets, the labels would be susceptible to peeling off, leaving the drinks unidentifiable.

The Trustees of the Coca-Cola Company, therefore, voted to spend up to $500 challenging bottle manufacturers with a simple yet clearly defined brief to develop a “bottle so distinct that you would recognize if by feel in the dark or lying broken on the ground.” And that’s just what they did. The resulting contour bottle is still as recognisable today as it was more than 100 years ago.

Now, I’m not saying we can help with branding for $500, but at the same time, allowed for inflation, that $500 would be the equivalent of more than $14,000 today – which seems expensive for a simple bottle design, but having stood the test of time, I think it sounds like a bargain!

What price would you put on owning a brand icon that can still hold its own and (more importantly) answer the same brief more than a century later?

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by Toby Aiken, Account Director


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