16 Mar 2015

The sweet success of Oreo

The creative team at Oreo have their marketing down to a fine art - and timing is crucial to their success.

You have to hand it to Oreo. They certainly have a knack for great timing. This tweet popped out the day ‘that dress’ (was it blue and black or white and gold?) took the internet by storm. It’s nearly as good as this brilliant baby bottle and Oreo tweet as news broke that Kate and William’s boy had arrived.

Universally admired for their super-quick thinking ‘You can still dunk in the dark’ tweet when the lights unexpectedly failed at the SuperBowl, the creative team behind Oreo have their marketing down to a fine art. Their ‘Daily Twist’ campaign to mark the little biscuit’s 100th birthday in 2012 saw them create 100 fun and clever advertising messages with a twist.

Each ad from this award-winning campaign tapped into whatever the big event of the day happened to be. Each time they featured the iconic cookie in different guises, fulfilling their mission to ‘help everyone around the world celebrate the kid inside’. The language might be cheesy, but the creative thinking that went into each of these daily offerings was inspired.

Amongst our favourites are the tyre tracks through the red cookie cream to celebrate the Rover landing on Mars and Talk like a Pirate Day that sees the Oreo wearing a jaunty eye-patch.

But for Oreo followers the world over, the multi-coloured Oreo ‘stack’ to mark Gay Pride has to be an all-time advertising classic.

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