19 Feb 2014

The question is… do you feel lucky?

Mike Rigby, Managing Director of MRA Marketing, says luck isn’t something you have, it’s something you make.

Have you ever tried to make your own luck? It sounds like an impossible dream, but studies have shown that luckier people tend to share certain traits which actually increase their chances of a visit from Lady Luck.

A study conducted by experimental psychologist Richard Wiseman found that ‘lucky’ people are likely to be more extrovert than ‘unlucky’ individuals. Wiseman found that this extroversion significantly increases the likelihood of their having a ‘lucky’ chance encounter. By meeting and mixing with a large number of people and keeping in contact with them, ‘lucky’ individuals are much more likely to have a chance opportunity come their way.

Wiseman also discovered that ‘lucky’ people tend to be more relaxed in general, meaning they are more likely to notice these ‘lucky’ chance opportunities when they appear. ‘Lucky’ people will also notice opportunities when they’re not expecting them.

But what does it take to be lucky in business? A certain amount of right place, right time can be helpful in growing your business. But personal behaviours and marketing also have a big impact.

A positive attitude and a conviction that you will come out on top is worth its weight in gold. Without belief in your product or service, it is very difficult to sell the benefits to anyone else. Brand perception isn’t just about how the outside world sees a business. What is critical is how the business sees itself.

But it’s marketing that spreads the word and makes you luckier. When used correctly, marketing responds quickly and effectively to opportunities that arise. It enhances your profile and helps you break into new markets. It provides valuable data for analysis and opportunity spotting. And it sells for you when you’re not there.

Even when markets are down, marketing keeps your name in people’s minds, allowing you to compete effectively for the business that remains, and putting you in an enviable position when the markets recover.

Quite simply, the more marketing you do, the more your message is heard. This means more potential business and a bigger chance of growth.

Being lucky in business is not a secret formula. It’s largely down to marketing. And the more marketing you do, the luckier you get.

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