26 Feb 2014

The only question worth a damn to customers!

UBPs not USPs will make you really stand out says MRA's Creative Head, Kate Woodford.

You have a successful business, fantastic products and brilliant service. But you want more. You want to grow, break into new markets, create new ones and sell what you do best to even more people.
With today’s customers bombarded with a frenzy of advertising messages, every minute of every day, you need to stand out to make an impact. So, it makes sense to define what makes you different (and ‘therefore’ better) than everyone else selling the same things you do. Or does it?

The question usually starts with that good old chestnut ‘the unique selling proposition’ or USP. Marketing and sales professionals the world over analyse endlessly what makes them different and why that’s better than their competitors. This simple concept probably sits at the heart of all your communications. It underpins the foundations of most creative briefs and marketing strategies. So it’s pretty important, one way or another.
That in mind, it makes sense to review your USP now and again to ensure it still says what you do ‘on the tin’ and keeps winning you business. But when you do have a review it might be worth forgetting all you know about USPs and start thinking UBPs instead.

UBP? Unique buying proposition. Unlike the ‘selling’ proposition which is limited to telling people what you sell and why it’s better (in your opinion), this idea has the customer at its heart and answers the only question worth answering for them: why should I buy from you?

Answering the ‘what’s in it for me’ on every customer’s lips could be the key to expanding your reach and breaking into new markets. By investigating and understanding who your customers really are and what they want could put you streets ahead of your opposition. Stop thinking…’we’re different because’ and start thinking ‘you need our product because it gives you what you want in a way no one else can…’ and you’re on the way to developing an irresistible proposition that will win you hearts and minds. Do that and you’ve found the path to sustainable growth.

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