07 Apr 2015

Scared to put all your eggs in one basket?

Once upon a time, marketing was simple, but the endless communication channels on offer now require refined juggling skills says Kate Woodford, MRA's Head of Creative. Here are her tips...

Once upon a time, marketing was simple. You placed an ad in the paper and sat back and waited for the leads to flood in. Not anymore. Marketing is now highly complex, requiring refined juggling skills to make your budget stretch across the seemingly endless communication channels on offer.

Inbound or outbound, online or offline, TV or radio, press advertising or direct mail? If only it were that simple. Take that humble press ad as an example. It’s no longer a case of design it, place it. You have to decide where it goes. It’s this mag or that mag? This edition or that? This region or that? Online or off, or both? Front page or back page? Bottom right or top left? Full page, half page or quarter? Horizontal or vertical? Full colour, two colour or black and white? Coupon or no coupon? Blippar (Augmented Reality), QR code or no QR code? Image or no image?

And that’s before you even get to the messaging. Ah yes, the messaging. Well, this will work in an online ad, but will it work on TV? And that might work in a direct mail letter, poster or on the back of a bus, but you can’t see it cutting the mustard on Twitter.

The problem is you can be so busy drilling down to the minute details that you could be in danger of missing the bigger picture altogether. Messages become diluted; creativity is compromised in a rush to find one size that fits all. Now we love integration but sometimes a message really is absolutely perfect for one medium and one medium only. So go for it. If you’ve got a really great idea, perfect for its medium, then give it your all. One fantastic piece of marketing that you really believe in and has your full attention and passionate backing, is going to pay you far more dividends in the long-run than an over-balanced, half-hearted campaign that fits neatly over several channels.

Got a great idea? Want help to get it out there? Talk to Tom Rigby, our Business Development Manager, on 01453 521621 or tom@mra-marketing.com.

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