11 Jun 2020

Marketing Matters: Seeing the good in the bad

Rewind six months or so and who could have predicted we’d be in the situation we find ourselves now. What started in China and appeared a distant threat rapidly developed into a global pandemic.

by Senior Account Executive Sophie Beard

The majority of what we’ve seen in the media has been negative press with snippets of positives thrown in for good measures. And yes, this is undoubtedly a bad situation, but it’s also important to see the good that is coming out from it. In times of crisis we rely on some of the positives to support our mental health and help keep us going. The pandemic has united neighbourhoods and encouraged great community spirit, at a time when people need it most.

We all did our bit to stay at home, to help stop the spread and protect our NHS. And it worked! Our NHS wasn’t overwhelmed. During lockdown, people across the country stood on their doorsteps or in their street and clapped every Thursday for 10 weeks to show appreciation and recognition for all the nurses and doctors that put their lives on the line, and for all other key workers that have helped to keep our country going. We’ve also seen many examples from our industry and the incredible way it has demonstrated resilience, teamwork and the drive to support essential projects. The recent Builders Merchant Federation video encapsulates the great efforts of our industry.

Many people are finding themselves with more spare time than they’ve ever had before. Seven out of 10 companies have furloughed staff and taken advantage of the new Government Job Retention Scheme to support their business, and hopefully preserve jobs in the long term. Even so, the worry this places on individuals is understandable, so it’s fantastic to know the industry is supported by many hardworking charities such as Lighthouse (www.lighthouseclub.org) CRASH (www.crash.org.uk) and The Rainy Day Trust (www.rainydaytrust.org.uk).

As difficult as it may seem, it’s important to see the positives. This is an opportunity to pick up the book you’ve been desperate to read, head out on a daily walk or learn a new skill. #PositivesOfFurlough has been a lovely series of social posts shared by Midland Lead to highlight how their staff are using their time at home.

It was recently Mental Health Awareness Week 2020, and rightly so attention was drawn to the crisis. But it’s easy to just share the hashtag and consider our job done. It’s the little things that make a big difference, day in and day out; checking in on friends, family and neighbours, and taking time out for yourself. Self-care is just as important: be as kind to yourself as you would to others.

We’ve all quickly adapted to connecting with people in different ways (if you haven’t taken part in an online quiz yet you’re not the only one!). Whether this will continue in the long-term, and the extent to which it will change face-to-face contact has yet to be seen. But it has shown that it doesn’t take much to reach out to family, friends, colleagues or customers. Simply pick up the phone, or send them a video link.

When life starts to get back to normal, people will ask: “what did you do during the pandemic?” As an industry we won’t be short of a story or two!

We’re in this together. #KindnessMatters


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