08 Apr 2014

Make it quick: how to grab your audience in 5 seconds – or lose them forever.

MRA Marketing's Head of Creative, Kate Woodford gives 3 tips on making your marketing slicker and quicker. 

It’s true what they say – time is money. And in today’s slicker is quicker, fast not last, all-demanding all-consuming world, if you don’t get your marketing message across – and fast – you’re history in the blink of an eye.

Five seconds, according to US direct mail copywriter Leo Bott, Jr., is all it takes for someone reading your mailshot to decide whether to keep reading or chuck you in the bin.

So how do you turbo boost your marketing copy to suit today’s attention challenged consumer?

Make yourself relevant. It’s an old adage, but start with making sure you’re putting the right message in front of the right people. Do your research. Get to know your customer. What problems do they have that your product or service can solve? And solve better, or quicker or cheaper than similar products and services also being offered to them. What’s in it for them? Answer this question and you’re half way to your next sale.

Don’t ignore the medium. Once you know your customers, you’ll know when and where to find them. Whether that’s online or offline, you need to flex your copy to suit the channel. A page of text might work for a sales letter to someone who opened the envelope so is presumably open to marketing, but it won’t for an e-shot if it means your customer having to scroll down. Too much like hard work!

Keep it simple. Over complicated or overly clever messages, and reams of stuffy copy just don’t hack it any more – and that’s not just online. That’s not to say long copy won’t work. It invariably works far better than short, but only if it is content rich, fully researched and bang on target. If it’s good you’ve got a chance – but don’t forget the five second rule.

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