15 Oct 2015

How visually content is your marketing?

The coffee giant Starbucks has got visual content marketing down to a fine art. 

Visual content marketing. It’s all the rage. But what is it exactly and how could it transform your business?

Try following Starbucks or Oreo on Twitter for a day and you’ll soon see how visual content marketing is where it’s at. Videos, graphics, images, infographics, slides – they all play a part in visual content marketing, which is essentially the harnessing or pulling together of visual stimuli as part of your marketing strategy to engage and interest your target audience. The aim, through whatever medium, is to attract them to your brand and begin the conversation that will ultimately lead them to buy your product or service. Interesting and eye catching visual content can tell your brand story, create awareness and generate traffic to your websites and leads to your sales teams.

Every marketer knows that the key to successful marketing is to ensure you stand out from the crowd. But that is easier said than done in the increasingly information rich world in which we live. Not surprisingly, businesses are constantly looking for new ways to catch their customers’ attention. Enter visual content marketing. More and more brands are integrating it into their marketing mix because when it comes to measuring the impact imagery can have on your ROI, the results are impressive.

Websites with explainer videos on their home page get significantly more interest. Articles that contain images get significantly more views. Tweets with images achieve significantly more retweets. And so on.

You only have to look at the phenomenal popularity of image-based social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and Vine to appreciate how integral imagery has become to our daily lives. The numbers change daily, but according to US social data crunchers, Simply Measured, 4 billion videos are viewed on Facebook every day.

But some kinds of image content are more successful than others. The nature of the media through which it is consumed is increasingly dictating that visual content has to be recent, relevant and credible. In other words, yesterday is history, it’s all about me and I have to believe it before I’ll buy it. Above all, it has to be original. Stock shots are out authenticity is in. Take the Starbucks tweet above, with its striking image, as an example of the efforts they go to in order to keep their customers coming back for more. Note too that the product is always in the shot.

As society continues to demand information in an instant, brands with fresh and interesting visual content at the heart of their strategy, will draw ahead of their competitors.

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