26 May 2022

Five tips on how to avoid a social media faux pas

Social media is arguably one of the best ways to communicate and engage with your customers. In fact, 58.4% of the world's population uses social media.

No-one is perfect, but when is comes to creating content for your company’s channels, it’s important to try to avoid errors. Mistakes can be seen by customers instantly and can potentially have a negative impact on your brand. Look no further than these examples from some of the biggest companies in the world, proving it could happen to anyone!

Here are just a few tips to avoid a social media faux pas and spare your blushes online:

  1. 1. Get a second pair of eyes on your posts

Ask a colleague to proofread your posts before scheduling or posting to check for typos, spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Sometimes you can become blind to mistakes if you have written the posts and small errors can be overlooked.

  1. 2. Tag the correct people

Always ensure you are tagging the right people in your posts. Whether this is making sure handles and names are spelt correctly or ensuring the people or companies you are tagging are relevant to your business and the post. That way your content will catch the attention of the right people and not be missed by those who can help share your message.

  1. 3. Don’t be tone deaf

Be aware of social and cultural expectations and events when creating content – certain days aren’t the right choice for certain types of content. It’s important to not be apathetic to what is going on the world.

  1. 4. Make sure images and videos are optimised

Images and videos should be the right size for the platform you’re using. This way your posts will display how you expect them to and will look good on someone’s feed. You should also be aware of the length limitations when posting videos. Over 50% of consumers are interested in watching videos from brands they support, so making sure your videos are the right size and length is invaluable.

  1. 5. Failing to plan is planning to fail

Have a social media strategy or plan in place, so you know what you’re posting and when. Consistency is one of the most important things to keep in mind when considering social media, so by planning ahead, your company will look cohesive, and your audience will know exactly who you are and what messages you are conveying.

And, of course, if you keep things simple and have fun with social media, your audience will have fun with you. Keep that and these tips in mind and you won’t go far wrong.

However, if you’d like to step up your social media game, why not contact Phil Boyland (phil@mra-marketing.com) to find out what MRA Marketing can do for your business.

by Ellie O’Hare, Account Executive


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