02 Apr 2015

Can you market like an Egyptian?

MRA's Head of Creative Kate Woodford says infographics are a great way to communicate multiple and sometimes complex messages in an engaging and memorable way. 

Egyptians were great at them, cavemen probably invented them and today’s astute marketers know a good thing when they see one. Infographics are a great way to communicate multiple and sometimes complex messages in an engaging and memorable way. Many marketers use them and with great success. According to blog.hubspot.com, using infographics allows businesses to grow their traffic 12% more on average than businesses that shun the infographic medium.

They may come in and out of fashion, but there’s nothing new about the infographic. Newspapers have been using them for years to give you a quick reference guide to what the weather’s going to do, for example, and more often to enliven a story that might be heavy on statistics or complicated content. Maps are also an obvious choice for infographics to convey complex information quickly and simply to flustered travellers. The iconic London Tube map is a case in point.

There’s a reason why infographics are so successful. If you think about it, they’ve been around since the dawn of time. Cave paintings aren’t big on words, but they certainly tell a story we can understand even now. Egyptian hieroglyphics are certainly engaging, understandable and memorable – all the must-haves for a successful infographic. As visual beings, we respond far more readily to visual stimulus. We’d much prefer to look at an image or a diagram than a thick wodge of text. The growth of social media platforms like Pinterest bears this out and proves that the good old diagram is no longer the preserve of the male. Pinterest has far more female followers than men.

So it is worth considering infographics as a great way to tell your brand story. Remember to keep them engaging, understandable and memorable. One of the best things about infographics is that they are so shareable (so don’t forget to put your logo in) and get tweeting. Get it right and you’re far more likely to achieve wider reach and brand cut-through than a simple text or blog.

But infographics aren’t simply great for the digital world. A well-designed and eye-catching infographic can provide a fantastic focal point in a leaflet or brochure. You could also consider using infographics on your exhibition stands or you could even make an animated video using them to tell your story. So take a leaf (or a papyrus) out of the Egyptians’ book – get creative and visual with your storytelling and an infographic could be the secret to your marketing success.

Need help with telling your brand story? Contact MRA’s Business Development Manager Tom Rigby on 01453 521 621 or tom@mra-marketing.com.


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