19 Nov 2014

5 Top Tips to Make Video Work for You

Video is big business and is perfect for B2B marketing. But if your business hasn’t embraced it yet, you could be losing out.

Video is big business and is perfect for B2B marketing. But if your business hasn’t embraced it yet, you could be losing out. It’s been reported that one in three people in the UK are already viewing at least one online video every week – that’s more than 20 million people. And with one billion unique visits to YouTube each month, it’s easy to see why, according to authoritative research firm Nielsen, over 60% of marketing experts say video will dominate their strategies in the very near future.

And the future could be a lot closer than you think. Global internet infrastructure company Cisco predicts that by 2018, nearly one million minutes of video content will be zipping across the internet every second.

So here are five top tips to help make video work for your B2B marketing:

1. You don’t need a Hollywood budget to make your own videos. There’s a lot of software out there now that is making it increasingly easy to make your own in-house videos without it costing you the earth. However, beware the hidden cost. Learning how to use it takes time and will quickly eat up precious staff resource. Getting in an expert to do it for you can be more cost-effective in the long-run. An outside provider will also bring a lot more to the table, including the right strategy, messaging and polish to reach and appeal to a B2B audience.

2. You don’t need to make a Hollywood epic to engage your audience. In fact, anything longer than three minutes and you’ll have your audience dozing off. So keep it short and to the point.

Make sure your content is relevant. Do your homework. Make sure you really know your audience and try to make your video story as relevant to them as you possibly can. For example, try writing your video from their point of view, not yours. It pays to really know and understand the audience you are aiming at. Again, bringing in an outside supplier to help you with your targeting and script can pay significant dividends.

3. Keep it simple. Avoid over-complicated messages, or meandering scripts. Don’t try to cram everything in. Think carefully about the single most important thing you want to say and just say that.

4. Think sequel. One-offs are great but to really engage your audience and build relationships, consider making a series of videos that tell a different story, showing your audience a new and interesting aspect of your product or service. This is where an outside supplier can really add value.

5. Finally, remember when it comes to B2B video marketing there are no hard and fast rules. In fact, there are lots of ways to tell your story and pretty much anything goes. Just recently a video of a cat folding paper went viral with 100,000 views on the first day it was uploaded!

If you’d like help with your B2B video marketing, contact Lucia Di Stazio on 01453 521621 or lucia@mra-marketing.com, or tweet @MRAMarketing.


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