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MRA is different because we specialise in providing award-winning creative strategic and marketing solutions to the construction, building materials and home improvement industries.

People come to us to reposition, build or revitalise their brand; to grow faster, more profitably or get to No 1.

We help by creating new markets, enabling one material or method to compete more effectively against another, or by stimulating existing markets to grow again.

MRA customers describe in their own words how full-service agency MRA Marketing helps companies grow using Strategic Marketing & PR, Research & Insight, Creative Design and Consultancy.

We are experts in our field with 20 years of intelligence and insight built on our in-depth research into companies, products, routes to market, behaviour and reputations, and the issues and regulations that drive change.

We use our experience to apply strategy, timing, critical mass, positioning and meaningful differentiation to establish sustainable advantage allowing our customers to compete more effectively and influence their markets and issues, competitors and prospects.

As a result, our customers grow faster than their markets, usually much faster.

To find out more about MRA Marketing and how we can help your company, please contact us on 01453 521621 or email