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“MRA Marketing's programme of PR, advertising, design and internet services is delivering what it promised.”

Martin Randall, Chairman Zoom Ready


In 2011, Zoom Ready, an unknown roof brand, burst into a conservatory market dominated by a few leading brands.

Zoom, with its innovative trouble-free roof saw the potential to enhance the conservatory living experience for consumers, gain a significant share and grow the market.
The overall campaign objectives were to:

1. Break in and establish Zoom Ready in the market (Year 1)
2. Get Zoom to 25% share and No.1 in 4 years (Phase 2)
3. Grow the conservatory market (Phase 3)

MRA developed a powerful integrated campaign - very different to other brands - to run across all media.

Sales passed ‘break even’ in June 2012 as planned. Zoom now has 100 regular customers and 2-3% market share on a running basis.

More than this, Zoom’s taken centre stage and has established the issues the industry is talking about. It has already changed the market.

Campaign components

  • Advertising: design & placing

  • Identity: creation & branding

  • Website: design & development

  • PR Campaign





Direct mail


Website Design

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