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MRA Marketing provides fact-based marketing solutions. But what do we mean by this? Agencies that outsource their market research are often tempted to cut corners and can end up with data that is unreliable, unrepresentative, inadequate or out of date. At MRA Marketing we do things differently.

Rigby Research, a division of Michael Rigby Associates, is a specialist market research business. It provides wholly-independent, in-depth research based on credible and verifiable sources – research that yields reliable information and valuable insight.

Rigby Research
Rigby Research delivers fact-based marketing solutions based on quality research and expert analysis. Valuing inspiration, innovation and creativity, Rigby Research also understands that marketing strategies only work when they are based upon insight, information and market realities rather than wishful thinking. One of the real advantages of working with MRA Marketing is the fact that we have our own specialist research division, Rigby Research.

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