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The only question worth a damn to customers! 26 February 2014 UBPs not USPs will make you really stand out says MRA's Creative Head, Kate Woodford. Read more »
Make it quick: how to grab your audience in 5 seconds - or lose them forever. 8 April 2014 MRA Marketing's Head of Creative, Kate Woodford gives 3 tips on making your marketing slicker and quicker. Read more »
Ever put your foot in it? Beware the own goal in marketing. 25 June 2014 When it comes to marketing, however, own goals can be immensely damaging. MRA's Kate Woodford looks at some of the worst marketing mistakes... Read more »
Magnify your marketing! 28 January 2015 Lucia Di Stazio, Director of MRA Marketing says most marketing is only partially aligned. But done properly, integrating your marketing – joining all parts of the mix so they reinforce each other - and synchronising your timing transforms the result. Read more »
Love your customers this Valentine’s Day 10 February 2015 With revenues in the billions (and that’s just the UK), Valentine’s Day is BIG business. If you think that all that smoochy stuff has nothing to do with your business, you could be right. But it could give you the perfect excuse to show your customers how much they mean to you. Read more »
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