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Mike Rigby
Managing Director
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23 December 2016

The biggest marketing story of 2016

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In the US, Mrs Clinton spent $581m on her campaign against Trump’s $340m. She carpeted swing states with TV ads and a digital campaign on social networks.

Mr Trump largely ignored paid advertising, relying instead on airtime provided free by news networks which fed off his attention grabbing content and quotes.

He tweeted disruptively throughout the campaign, building his audience and generating debate in all media.

MediaQuant, which measures earned media, estimated his free coverage was worth $4.6bn.

His controversial campaign stole the limelight, starved competitors’ campaigns of oxygen, and won against the odds.

Making heroes of our customers
Appropriately for our 25th year, and Lucia becoming MD, we helped our customers achieve great things.

We helped them set the agenda, speak for and lead their markets. Together we built and shaped their brands. Our customers grew faster than their markets, some much faster.

No 1 in CIMCIG’s Agency League
Some agencies are No 1 in their own eyes, and think everyone will believe they are No 1 if they shout loud enough. But it’s what customers think that matters, not what you’d like to see in the mirror.

That’s why it’s important to benchmark yourself against the best in the industry. It’s why we enter our customers for awards, and in particular the CIMCIG (Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Construction Industry Group) Construction Marketing Awards. They’re the UK’s leading awards for marketing in construction. A CMA win means a lot.

This year we won Strategic Planning & Management (with Solidor) and Best Product Launch (with Alumasc Water Management Solutions). The judges praised the ‘brilliant planning and well-researched’ approach, which achieved ‘10 out of 10 results’ for Solidor. Describing the AWMS campaign, they said: ‘A simple but effective integrated campaign, with strong objectives that were clearly exceeded. Good ROI, good SMART objectives.’

The double win put us No 1 again in CIMCIG’s Agency League, based on our performance over the last four years. The list is here

We expect more upheaval from Trump, Putin, the Middle East and China in 2017. Italian bank problems have yet to impact on the Euro, but they will, and the outcome of the elections in France, Netherlands and Germany should help Britain’s exit negotiations. Britain will be affected by it all, but our customers expect to do better, mostly much better than their competitors in 2017.

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