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The biggest marketing story of 2016 23 December 2016 It’s been a good year for MRA and our customers. But 2016 was a year of political shocks and turning points that incidentally proved the power of PR and Twitter. Read more »
A Lidl surprise 13 December 2016 Watching Aldi and Lidl chase Tesco all around the park looks like history repeating itself, says Mike Rigby, MRA Marketing. What’s next? Read more »
Budge over B&Q, Bunnings is after you! 5 October 2016 Bunnings acquired Homebase and declared war on DIY and home improvement giants B&Q and Wickes. It’s a clash of business models, says Lucia Di Stazio MD of full-service agency, MRA Marketing. But whose blood will be on the floor when the fighting stops, Bunnings or B&Q’s? Read more »
Brexit Bust or Brexit Boost? 19 September 2016 However you voted and whatever you expected or hoped for from the Brexit referendum, the initial chaos has been resolved, mostly in surprising ways. Read more »
Could factory-built homes fill the housing gap? 6 July 2016 Rising demand and restricted supply have increased house prices. Innovative work-arounds could have profound consequences, says Mike Rigby of MRA Marketing. Read more »
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