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Is your brand 2016 ready? 22 December 2015 As we hurtle towards a new year, the old adage ‘look before you leap’ seems appropriate for marketing managers considering how best to spend their precious budgets in 2016. This year has been a topsy-turvy one for brands. Read more »
Cheating tests: The woes of VW 10 November 2015 When a trusted brand’s reputation is tarnished, it leaves those once-loyal customers questioning the premium they pay and the value of that business. Read more »
How visually content is your marketing? 15 October 2015 The coffee giant Starbucks has got visual content marketing down to a fine art. Read more »
When life gives you lemons, you need a new strapline 7 September 2015 In the second of our two-part blog, MRA Marketing’s Kate Woodford unpacks the secrets of great straplines and explains why investing in a good one could pay dividends to your business. Read more »
If money could buy you love, you’d invest in a strapline 20 August 2015 In the first of a two-part blog, MRA Marketing’s Kate Woodford explores the magic of straplines and what makes the perfect pitch. Read more »
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