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The ringing of the tills 8 December 2014 Years ago Marks & Spencer used to brag that the only market research they did was to listen to the sound of the ringing of the till. But 10 years of shrinking sales put them right. Read more »
Time for more creative pricing? 27 November 2014 We tend to think that price is inextricably related to cost; the cost of raw materials, production or transport. But the price of most products bears little relation to the cost of components. Read more »
5 Top Tips to Make Video Work for You 19 November 2014 Video is big business and is perfect for B2B marketing. But if your business hasn’t embraced it yet, you could be losing out. Read more »
Who cares about competitors? Your customers, that’s who! 11 November 2014 Businesses are typically positioned according to the features that set them apart, but a brand should first be established within a frame of reference - the market, and the competition. Read more »
The Power of Six 24 October 2014 MRA’s Managing Director Mike Rigby says the six degrees of separation theory does wonders for word-of-mouth and viral marketing. Read more »
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