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About GDPR… 24 May 2018 You will have no doubt heard about the new GDPR legislation Read more »
Grenfell: changing attitudes to the way we build and look after buildings 18 September 2017 It takes a disaster, major loss of life or destruction to property to get Britain to focus on fire. So, fire regulations have only improved significantly after serious fires, starting with the great fire of London in 1666. Read more »
When customers see the walk behind your talk 3 July 2017 April was a bad month for airlines. Customer videos of three ugly incidents went viral on social media. Millions watched appalled as the reality of customer service at three major airlines mocked their marketing. Read more »
Brands (and institutions) ain’t wot they used to be! 6 April 2017 Trust is in increasingly short supply. Our trust in brands, in CEOs and directors, in Government, politicians, police and the media, and the establishment in general is plummeting. Read more »
The biggest marketing story of 2016 23 December 2016 It’s been a good year for MRA and our customers. But 2016 was a year of political shocks and turning points that incidentally proved the power of PR and Twitter. Read more »
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